Why Urns?

Why Urns?

Many people are just coming round to the idea of using urns for ashes. This is in line with current environmental responsibilities and the fact that cremation is a far cry cheaper than burial. Naturally burial or cremation is a personal choice but the benefit of a lower cost option which is also kinder to the environment is a very attractive option.

Many people are choosing to keep urns in their home. There are many reasons for this including home is the best place to rest and to be close to loved ones.  For many it provides consolation that their loved one is always close even if they have to move. For this reason many urns are being created in many different designs so that they can be displayed in the home.

Cremation urns therefore serve a dual purpose:

‘beautiful pieces of art that can keep memories alive’

If you have not decided on the final resting place of the deceased ashes, the following options can be considered whilst making other funeral arrangements.

Scattering the Ashes

Ashes or Cremains can be scattered as follows:

In the garden or a place that holds fond memories.

In the crematorium grounds

On an existing grave of a family member

In the river or sea

In another country – possibly homeland or country of origin

All necessary authority will need to be sought.

Burying the Ashes

Some people choose to bury. Reasons include wanting the ashes to be close to another deceased family member who was buried. This allows family members to be able to visit one memorial site. Urns are a type of container to hold Ashes or Cremains. Classic Urns have a comprehensive selection of urns that can be buried. These urns can be buried in a variety of places including:

In a churchyard

In the crematorium grounds

In the garden or a place that holds fond memories

In a grave

All necessary authority with need to be sought.

Keeping the Ashes

Keeping the ashes is becoming a very popular choice. Some people find consolation and closeness keeping the ashes. Ashes can be kept in specially designed urns. You can choose to have the cremains of a loved one in an urn or casket. Matching keepsake urns can be distributed to family members – so all can have a token of their loved one. Additionally, some people have a wish to stay together to eternity and hence would like their cremains to be kept at home until their spouse /partner dies. The cremains of both can then be kept/buried or scattered together. Companion urns are one way to holding the ashes of two individuals. These urns can be kept as follows:

At home – there are some beautiful urns available that would compliment any home and would represent a loved one.

Can be stored in a columbarium usually part of a mausoleum or chapel

A Combination of the Above

So many people choose to do a combination of the above. For example a large portion of the cremains would be scattered or buried and a small token amount would be kept. Token ashes/cremains can be kept and treasured in a variety of ways. Keepsake urns are small urns which come in a variety of shapes and intricate designs. They can be displayed or kept in a special place at home, keepsakes can be distributed to family members – so all can have a memorial of their loved one. Keepsakes can be kept with you always, so if you decide to move, it comes with you. Some people also bury them in the garden or flower pot and plant a flower. Keepsake Jewellery is also a way of keeping the ashes of that special person close to the heart.

Clearly, there are many choices available and whichever you choose, we would be happy to help in any way we can. If you decide to buy an urn from us and require specific help – Please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

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