Which Urn?

Which Urn?


Urns are mainly used to preserve the ashes or other memorial items of our loved ones. There are many types of urns available in the market. Urns generally differ in size, shape and finish offering the purchaser a huge choice. Cremation urns can be stored in the chapel or at home, some also prefer to bury the cremation urn. For those who wish to scatter ashes – there are also ‘Scattering Urns’ available. Cremation urns can also be kept at home and it is not necessary that they should hols ashes, instead they can house a memorial photograph, locks of hair or any other memorable item associated with the departed one. Most of the standard sized urns for humans have a storage capacity of 200 cubic inches which is enough to house the cremated remains of an average adult approximately 200lbs in bodyweight. Urns are made of different materials each of which possess their own beauty and properties. Brass urns move away from the traditional wooden urn as many find them beautiful and durable. Many of our urns are designed by artisans and so many choose to keep the urn at home as an ornament, as such they serve a dual purpose. Those that want to bury their urns may consider environment friendly urns which are biodegradable. These urns degrade into their environmental surroundings be it water or earth.

Special urns are available to keep the cremated remains of pets. Pet owners consider their pets as part of the family and so want to ensure they are given the best send off and want a memorial of their special friend. Many purchase urns to keep the cremated remains of their pet. These urns come in different sizes offering perfect sizes for the remains of different sized animals from gerbils and rabbits to dogs and horses. They can be either kept in the house in a special place or buried in the garden with a flower seed that would keep the memory alive.

Keepsake / Cremation Jewellery, such as pendants can be used to keep and very small token amount of ashes after burying or dispersing the majority of the cremated remains. This helps people keep their beloved ones close to them even when they are not at home. These products can easily be purchased online at really affordable prices.

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