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Esther – Kent

Crystal tree of life Urn received today - it exceeded my expectations! Absolutely beautiful. Thank you

Nikki – Berkshire

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for helping me out with the arrangements for my aunt’s funeral. We had the funeral yesterday, and everyone in attendance commented on what a beautiful coffin she had, and I never would have had the first clue about what I should have ordered without the help and support from The Coffin Company.

Most importantly my Dad was really happy with the choice I made, with your assistance, and it really took a burden off of him, having me make the arrangements, and without you guys, I would have been really stuck to know what to do. So once again, thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful support and first class service.

Fred - Nottinghamshire

WOW ! What fantastic Customer Service, from placing my Order to Delivery to my door in ONLY 48 hours !!
This superior handling of my order after waiting 9 weeks and NO Delivery from another company, the Coffin Company can arrange my Granite Memorial Plaque to be Engraved and personalised, arriving in perfect condition within 2 days.
My recommendation is heartfelt not only for the beautiful Memorial Plaque but also for the great service provided.

Mrs Brown – Bedfordshire

We ordered the Last Supper Casket from your company and it arrived in perfect condition the next available day. We would just like to say that the comments we are about to make about the casket will not actually justify the way we felt when we saw it .It was absolutely beautiful, the finish was perfect and the attention to detail beyond compare .We are so thankful we chose you to provide us with the perfect resting place for our loved one.
Our recommendation is heartfelt not only for the casket but also for the service provided.
Thank you from the Brown Family

Elizabeth – (Livingstone, West Lothian)

I would just like to thank you for all your help and advice regarding the choice of my mother's coffin.  I had chosen a wicker coffin as my mother was to have a woodland burial and the imperial coffin you advised me on was beautiful and very well made.  The coffin was delivered the next day as promised which was great as without the coffin the funeral would have had to have been delayed.  Everything went well on the day and my family and friends said it was the best funeral they had ever attended.
I would be very happy to recommend your company to others.

Mrs Smith, (Nottingham, Nottinghamshire).

I just wanted to say a really big thank you for all your recent help and advice regarding the purchase of my mother's coffin. We chose the imperial oval wicker in buff and green and it looked beautiful. My sister and I made an ivy garland, decorated with tiny cream carnations and attached it around the outside. We had yellow and cream flowers on top. The funeral was yesterday and the whole look was soft and natural, my mother would have loved it. As has already been said, we will be back, I wouldn't go anywhere else!

Cathy, (Dorset)

I just want to say how brilliant this Company were following the sad death of my dear Mum. She never really said or knew what she wanted in the way of a funeral, but one thing I did know, she didn't want funeral directors all in black, so I decided to organise the day myself.
It was to be a very quiet affair and having rung around and being given some really silly prices for a simple funeral, it just confirmed I had to do it on my own.
I rang The Coffin Company who were helpful, kind, knowledgeable and delivered the most beautiful wicker coffin which I had decorated with a lovely garland by a friend.
The service from The Coffin Company was second-to-none. Every time I rang about silly things really, I was treated with the utmost courtesy and respect at what was such a difficult time. In fact a lot of my conversations with them included lots of sniffing and sobbing. But they were not only patient but so understanding. Mum would have been so proud that everything went well. There were only 5 of us at the funeral and I have absolutely no regrets. She was a simple private lady and if she could have seen the coffin, would have loved it. Thank you for your wonderful service and product. You made a very difficult occasion bearable.

Coralie, (Plymouth, Devon)

This is just to say that the funeral went off wonderfully well and the wicker casket was super. It had purple flowers on top of it, including irises, and looked lovely. Thank you so much for your help and efficiency. It arrived in Weston-super-Mare as predicted on Monday. Just a little story here that lightened my dear Mum's funeral in 2002. We chose a wicker casket for her, partly because my 4 year-old nephew was to be present and a wicker casket would not be as harsh-looking as a wooden one. He was sitting next to my brother in the front row of the chapel and suddenly leant close to him and asked 'Daddy, why is Granny in a laundry basket?' When we told everyone on leaving the chapel, it certainly lightened the mood and gave everyone a good laugh! Out of the mouths of babes etc. . . .
Thank you again for your contribution to a lovely send-off. I have passed on your details to several people already.
Kind regards

Liz, (Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands)

Thank you so much for the help you gave me when I ordered mom’s basket from you .I felt you went above and beyond, to provide a fantastic service to me and my family. It arrived safely and we were delighted with it. When the hearse arrived, it looked so much more comforting on the eye than a cold, wooden box.
My sister and I did a 3 foot flower arrangement, made exclusively with the flowers from her cottage garden, and we also put a garland round the wicker basket. It looked spectacular! Mom would have been happy with the result and especially with the special offer! It made a good talking point at the celebration we held at The Belfry, afterwards.
Everything went well at the crematorium and the funeral directors managed to get their invoice to me the next day!!

Peter, (Godalming, Surrey)

When a loved one dies, inevitably you find yourself with a lot of things to deal with in a short space of time, so it came as a very present surprise to come across someone as supportive and helpful as Mark.
When my wife's mother died recently we decided that a wicker coffin would be appropriate and having got the approval of the undertakers we contacted 'The Coffin Company'. Mark couldn't have been more helpful in providing advice and guidance. We selected an oval Premium Willow Coffin which was delivered in plenty of time to the Funeral Directors in Haslemere Surrey. The coffin looked wonderful and when decorated with spring flowers, lifted everyone’s spirits at the funeral.
Thank you for your considerate and supportive approach.

Sarah, (Bath, Somerset)

This is just a quick email to express my thoughts on The Coffin Company.
I never thought I would be leaving feedback on a coffin for my little sister. She was 23 when she died.
She was ill and we were all expecting her death but not as soon as it was. I told her near on every day to 'sort out your will' and stuff like 'what do you want at your funeral' but she was too busy living her last days to worry about things like that. Anyways the day came 23rd Feb 2012 (6 days after my 26th birthday, 5 days after her nephews 8th birthday and 8 days before her daughters 6th birthday) she passed away. I was a wreck I didn't know where to start.

I had all the kids and my birthdays coming up and I had so much to deal with. I wanted my sister to have the best send off in the world. Her favourite colour was pink and she hated brown. Me and my mum were going to buy 50 cans of spray paint to make the dull bog standard coffin look bright and colourful but the crematorium would not burn a 'spray painted' coffin so we were sad as we would have to make her last bed a brown coloured one. Then I stumbled across The Coffin Company!!

I was amazed by the different colours they supplied their coffins in.

The Coffin Company says 'Buying a coffin shouldn't be done alone over the Internet' and I totally agree.

So I rang Mark from The Coffin Company and he was so helpful and made the whole transaction very smooth. I left it late and it was all a bit rushed, so I explained my situation to Mark and he made sure the coffin would be delivered in time to see my sister in the chapel of rest and plenty of time for the funeral.

It was a pleasure dealing with Mark and it made one less thing for me to worry about.
I would recommend.
Thank You Very Much

(Buyer of the pink coffin for my sister Samantha)

Carol, (Lindfield, West Sussex)

Just to say many thanks for your prompt service. The coffin arrived today as you said.
I will certainly recommend your company should the need arise in the future.
Many thanks once again.

Mrs Anne Moyes, (Linclonshire):

It is now some time since the death of my aunt, and at this point, I wish to express my appreciation for the service which you provided in the supply of the coffin. The funeral was a very large affair, and the coffin attracted a great deal of comment regarding its beauty. Such things matter a great deal in the circumstances. I wish you well in your business, and sadly, must say that I expect our family will provide you with further custom in due course.
Regards, Anne Moyes

Carol (Southampton):

Just a big thankyou for all your help which gave me the confidence to shop around for the right funeral director in Southampton. The coffin I bought from you was excellent and looked beautiful on the day.
I could not believe the difference in charges & attitudes of funeral directors - the one we settled on were a small family firm and were a massive £1200 pounds cheaper than the others we contacted.
Thank you once again for your support - thanks to you we were able to give Hazel (my sister) the send off she would have wanted.
Wishing you all the very best,

Isobel Bartlett, (Solihul, West Midlands):

“I am writing to let you know how grateful I am for your assistance with my father's recent funeral. The quality of the coffin exceeded our expectations, and your company's service was excellent. Most of all, thank you so much for the invaluable advice you gave me regarding arranging funerals - you inspired me to arrange a very personal funeral at a reasonable cost, which was exactly what Dad would have wanted.

Carl, it was largely thanks to you that I didn't get sucked into making it more solemn and traditional (and expensive!) by the funeral directors. I really admire what you are doing within the funeral industry, and I wish you and your companies much success in the future.

Many thanks again from myself and my family.

Keith Seymour (Warrington, Cheshire):

"At what was a very difficult time, the service and advice provided by the Coffin Company was second to none. Not only was the coffin you supplied of excellent quality and value, but you 'debunked' much of the formality and overpricing of the funeral industry. You provided the encouragement to personalise my late father's funeral to reflect his true character. I can't recommend your service and products enough. Sincere thanks. Keith"

Joan Woolard, (Lincolnshire):

The local funeral director looked at me sternly, saying; “I’ve never met anyone like you before.” People in this sleepy part of Lincolnshire don’t ask questions and especially if they’ve just been bereaved. That’s a time for being too distraught to care about costs, too helpless to go it alone. Half a century’s experience of life with a complete maverick taught me to question everything, challenge all the accepted mantras; don’t take anything for granted – and don’t say Yes for an answer.

My husband died very suddenly in hospital. He was 76 and had been ailing for some time. With our family all living in distant places it was down to me to organise the funeral. No use losing it and dissolving into jelly. I owed it to my life’s partner to control emotions and costs with equal rigour. Opening a large book of sepulchral images the funeral director assured me I would not find a coffin more suitable than his, wood veneer with brass-effect handles beginning at £1580. To my enquiry about wickerwork or basket-weave his eyebrows rose in astonishment: “Goodness, no, they’re much more expensive!” I wondered how he knew. He obviously made good enough profits without the aid of computers.

At home Google revealed the true cost of eco-coffins from about £100 upwards. But among the more winsome sarcophagi was a brightly coloured Union Jack affair on offer from the Coffin Company at Ponteland. Admittedly near the top of the range at £595 this in-your-face expression of jingoism matched my late husband’s blatant disregard for the sensitivities of the politically correct lobby. I had to have it. Or rather, he had to have it.

On the phone there soothing Geordie tones convinced me my husband’s body would be in capable hands if there team delivered the coffin complete with cargo to the church for safe-keeping overnight in the cold stone-flagged building. I hope he would have been proud of me for keeping my head and his money in reasonable order, not losing either.

My thanks for making it possible.

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