Eco Urns

Eco Urns

All life is finite. We want to be delivered to the lap of mother earth after death. For what is described in Christian religion as 'Ashes to Ashes'  means nothing more than 'Back to Nature'. The beauty of our world should be reflected as well as the uniqueness of human life in our polls. For each of our Eco urns filled three key aspects for us: individuality, honesty and environmental sustainability. Of course it is always a matter of personal preference, in any form, colour, design and material composition, we deliver our products - but there are always urns that are unique, quality to the highest standards.

All products free from chemicals or toxins. Helping to decide the biological circle of life makes sense - in the funeral forest as well as at any other final resting place. 

Inclusive of FREE Delivery to the address you specify. Simply order online alternatively please do call one of our dedicated team on 01670 943143

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